IMG_2753Good morning! I’ve had peaches both for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. I’m very sticky. How about a few links for hot Thursday?

Listening to this song.

Thinking about families in other places.

Dreaming about peaches in France.

Sharing the milkweed with the monarchs.

I’ve listened to this story a couple times now, and I just love it.

For you in the Berkshires, there’s a new place to be (yup, that’s Joey).

Also for you locals, there are books up there that are totally worth the drive.

Grateful that Rachel took us into her woods.

(Continue the list in the comments if you like! Found anything lately in your internet adventures?)







  1. says

    Yeah, but she’s not new. EVERYone knows who she is, only *I* seem to be the last to find out.

    Alecia Beth Moore Hart

    Supremely rocking music to lift any mood and assist in any kitchen adventure.

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