Tense Moments

failed cornbreadPan shattered in the oven? Jelly didn’t set? Did a recipe not quite go according to plan? Or are you just trying to to find a solution for a problem in the kitchen? I’m here with you! Let’s get through the tense moments together.

I’m a home cook, and so much of my kitchen education has come from those moments when I feel like I’m not quite sure how to move forward with a recipe or technique. This is an archive of those tense moments, and I’ve included everything from kitchen disasters to fundamental techniques that have helped become a better cook. You’ll find ways to address hiccups in home dairy, canning, fermentation, and more. And because tense moments often hit outside the kitchen, I’ve included a few of those, too.

If you’re having a tense moment, I hope you’ll find a solution here, or at least a little bit of company:

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Or if something comes up and you just can’t figure out why or how to fix it, you can always contact me, too, in comments or email (I’m alana [at] eatingfromthegroundup [dot] com).