the homemade pantry

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A Goodreads Finalist for Best Cookbook of the Year

Praise for The Homemade Pantry

The Homemade Pantry is an important beautiful work that can change the way people approach their food lives.”


“Alana is the real deal: A practically minded, thoroughly modern yet authentically old school homesteader. Ingeniously opting for quality over quantity, she strives for excellence, taste, and nutrition, and inspires her readers to do the same. She shows us the functional beauty in a frugal kind of cooking that’s nevertheless alive with luxury and abundance. Believe her and practice what she preaches.”
LUCINDA SCALA QUINN, host of Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn and author of Mad Hungry

“Alana Chernila has given us something incredibly special: a book both practical and inspiring, authoritative, and down to earth. Reading THE HOMEMADE PANTRY, I feel as though I’m in the kitchen with her and her family, and that together, there’s nothing that we can’t do. Why not make my own hot sauce, mozzarella, or graham crackers? From now on, I know I will.”
MOLLY WIZENBERG, creator of and bestselling author of A Homemade Life

“You can work culinary magic on a whim when you keep a well-stocked, mindfully edited pantry. Alana’s beautiful book shows you the way with an impressive range of homemade go-tos. She covers all the useful day-to-day staples here with understated style. Pancake and waffle mixes, granola, tomato sauce, and salad dressings bump up against recipes for crackers, soda syrups, sauerkraut, and spice blends. It’s the sort of book that makes you want to head straight for your kitchen.”
HEIDI SWANSON, creator of and bestselling author of Super Natural Every Day

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There is one typo in the first printing of the first edition! In the white sandwich bread recipe, the salt should be in teaspoons, not tablespoons. Many apologies for this error! (Salty bread makes very decent breadcrumbs, in case you’ve found this after making the bread.)

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