maple sun butter


Every day, Sadie gives me the countdown till the end of summer. School starts early this year, so as of today, we’re ten days out. Honestly, summer’s a little bit over already. Yesterday we spent our annual hour in Staples buying school supplies. We walked through those automatic doors optimistic, clutching the holy school supply lists and excited…

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a little bit more


Hello hello from here. We’re at Horseneck State Reservation this week in the hopes of squeezing every bit of of this summer into our days before jumping back into school. So far, so good. I grabbed a few NYT bestsellers from 2010 from the $1 box at the library (The Tiger’s Wife- I’m sorry I every…

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slow berkshires


People have been asking me what surprised me most about our walk. My stock answer so far has been honest: So much. But over the days since we reached the Connecticut border, I’ve been slowly finding the words to answer that question a little better. What surprised me?

patience, and august comes


That first day we walked, we dreamed up THE WALK. Of course we had taken a lot of walks together. But that  day, we walked from our house to the grocery store. It was further than your average walk, and too cold, but we felt like walking and we left the car at home. We walked…

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