warm fava shallot couscous



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  1. Anne Rybowski says:

    Hi Alana,
    Your book The Homemade Pantry is absolutely amazing. I read it cover to cover and have tagged more than half the recipees. So far, I have made the white bread as I suddenly ha a hankering for white bread. The loaves came out beautiful and tasty and it is one of the easiest and n0-fuss white bread recipees I have come across. I believe there is a typo, though: the recipee calls for 2 1/2 tablespoons of salt – I used teaspoons instead and that worked just fine. I thought the amount written was a bit much for two loaves of bread.
    Thank you for a wonderful book!

    • alana says:

      Hi Anne! I’m so glad the book is getting such love in your kitchen! And yes, you’ve found the typo- I’m so sorry! But I’m glad you were able to correct before making super salty bread! Luckily, that’s been fixed in subsequent printings, so hopefully there won’t be too many salty loaves out there…

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