into the brine

My girls have these women in their lives–a few of my close friends I’ve known forever who stepped in at their births and swore to love them and protect them with all they have. We call them aunties, and I feel so lucky to have them. I was the first among these few of my friends to have children, and nearly a decade has gone by without any of them having children of their own. Until now. This week, I became an auntie to the most beautiful little boy.

That has been the whole of the week. He needed a bit of extra support, and so there was a lot of back and forth to the hospital, coordinating of meals, cheering on his wonderful momma, and celebrating his brave progress into the world. This morning, they finally came home, and in some ways I did, too. Joey cooked that marvelous ragu again, and we sat around the table and clinked glasses to it all. And then Joey and I attacked the weeds in the garden, and I harvested all the radishes and garlic scapes. Inspired by Andrea, I roasted those radishes, and the scapes became pesto in the blender with just a bit of olive oil and parmesan. All this birth and sleeplessness and everything else that has come with the week has left me raw, so I’m going to grab the moment and see if I can get some work done.

I’m going away tonight for a week or so. A friend has generously gifted me with a room with no internet or phone, and Joey and the girls are going to have their first week of summer without me while I try to see what I can find in that room. I promise to answer emails, yogurt questions, and everything in between when I get back. Have a great week, and happy Summer! I’ll see you on the other side of the solstice, and we’ll be a few days closer to that first ripe tomato.



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    Enjoy your time away, Alana. I bet you’ll find some good stuff there. Can’t wait to hear. Congratulations on the newest, littlest one. xo.

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    So glad to hear of the little ones brave progress, and yours too. I have my fingers crossed that in that room you will find the beginnings of the next book. But whatever awaits you there, I have no doubt it will be restorative. Happy solstice! :)

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    So you’re going all Virginia Woolf on us, eh? A room with no internet or phone…sounds like heaven. I hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile I will try my hand at those roasted radishes – anything roasted is right up my alley. I have just pledged to stop roasting beets until next year (I was trying to perfect a recipe for Rotini with Beet walnut Pesto that I posted on my blog.)
    I just found your blog and your book sounds heavenly – I might just make it a late Mother’s Day present to myself :)

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