This past weekend, Joey and I made the trek up to Portland, Maine, so that we could go to Sarah and Jefferson‘s annual AKOL party.

All Kinds Of Love. AKOL.

Sarah and Jefferson ask that each guest bring a non-traditional love letter to tape on the living room wall. All throughout the night, people take breaks from talking, making valentines, drinking Manhattans, dancing, and they stand in front of that wall, taking in the art and maps and stories and song lyrics that make up the non-traditional love letters.

I didn’t get around to making one for the party. But I promised that I would add mine to the pile, soon.

Here it is.

Happy day, friends. Sending love.

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3 Responses to akol

  1. Chef Connie says:

    Very sweet post. What a great idea for Valentines. Celebrating as a group is such a lovely idea.

  2. carol nash says:

    i love your recipes and your prose poems.all beauty,love carol

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