nine years

Nine years ago today, I squeezed my pregnant self into a black lacy dress, and Joey put on his thrift store suit. We walked up the frozen steps of town hall and got married right then and there. A few weeks later we would have a nice full and well-fed wedding, but this was the legal one, and in our cheap suit and black lace clad pregnant belly, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then we went out to lunch, and marveled over the fact that this was indeed how families are made. We were 23, both of us, and Sadie was squiggling around and pulling the strings from deep inside me. We ate Finnish food and laughed through our lunch, and then Joey went back to work shelving groceries.

This morning, Joey sent me an email from work.

Hi Hon,

I had a tough bit of luck first thing this morning:

First,  i forgot the girls’ backpacks. I think they’ll live.

Also, I bumped into your car with my car. No dents, but a nice scratch in the driver’s side door. I am so sorry.

But, I’m in a good mood, so hopefully things will turn around.

Happy Anniversary.

I laughed through that one too, and I haven’t even been out to look at the car. This is, after all, the way families are made. Here’s to work, and love, and laughing through it all. Lucky me, to be able to do it all with Joey.


  1. Stephanie says

    Alana, happy anniversary! I had to leave a comment because tomorrow is our anniversary (also city hall). And I thought that was a cool coincidence. We’re celebrating in Hudson near your neck o the woods. Happy times! (Stephanie-your-book-designer)

    • alana says

      and happy anniversary to you, Stephanie! (Somehow these my replies here didn’t come through, so I’m coming in a bit late). Hooray for winter weddings!

  2. Meg says

    Dear ones, this brought tears to my eyes: for no particular reason, and for every single reason. So much love to you both. You have inspired me with every step.

  3. Naya says

    I wish we were neighbors, so we could open a bottle of champagne for you two and then babysit the girls while you & joey went on a sexy date! Love to you both and thank you for sharing the bits and pieces of your life which continually inspire me and make life richer. xo

  4. Grandmother Cynthia Morton Hollingsworth says

    I have just seen the three videos which Kirk Hollingsworth (Grandfather to Alana) sent on to me. After viewing the videos, my immediate reaction was
    “HOW I love my Granddaughter, her husband and their two very appealing daughters” — I am so very proud of her – and I cant wait to make some butter
    and I will be sure and not leave a drop of buttermilk in the butter ! I also love your kitchen arrangement.
    — I send a special HI! to Sadie and Rosie !

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