the easiest tomato sauce

Way back, I worked in a restaurant in Santa Fe, a place that was there for a while and then just disappeared. By the time it suddenly closed its doors, I had moved on to a noodle bar up the street, but I heard all sorts of rumors on why it had closed, none of which particularly surprised me. It was an Italian seafood restaurant right off the plaza, which already was a shady proposition. Any establishment which brags of the best fish in Santa Fe (a desert town in the mountains) already is a little off. The owner was an incredibly friendly Florentine man with a wife 30 years his junior, and he would walk around the restaurant, talking up the customers, with his baby strapped to his back. They fed us well, and I loved the job, but when people said that the restaurant closed because they were conducting, well, I’ll just say other business, I was happy that I had decided to move on to Japanese.
The Italian seafood restaurant in question taught me a few things: that New Mexican Champagne is tolerable when combined with bitters and lime, that lobsters and spaghetti really does make sense.

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