week's end

The more busy I feel, the more I yearn a warm afternoon on the back porch with a BIG BEER. Luckily, the busyness is good too, and I’m sandwiched in between signings and demonstrations, after which I’ll have my beer. (Never drive a kitchen aid under the influence.) Last night I got to read at the enchanting Odyssey Bookshop, and tonight we’re heading down to the Cape for a butter and crackers demo tomorrow at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in Barnstable, MA at 1:00. If you live down that way, come and see me! Bring your kids too, as I’m going to need some help making those crackers. I’m bringing lots of cookie cutters.

And the more busy I feel, the more little breaks I take to poke around the internet. Not so good for productivity, but excellent for a little Friday reading list! Ready?

Truth in the kitchen (with thanks to Janet for bringing me here)

Rethinking potato peels

More on this next week, but trust me for now, this is your book splurge today. So fantastic. (And I love this review.)

A foraging project for the woodsy ones among you.

And speaking of books, this beauty came out this week, too, just in time for the season. Photos by my very own (at least, I like to think of her that way) Jennifer May, and prop styling by (get ready for it) me. There’s booze in those pops, and they are GOOD.

I can’t help it! All my love for Portland has me dreaming of the other, too.

Eagerly waiting for this. Just the homepage makes me feel clean and fancy.

Here’s to a few days of sun, and maybe even that beer. Have a great weekend, friends…




  1. says

    Love this list!! I too am eagerly waiting to see “quitokeeto” AND I’ve already splurged on DALS…very worth it. Your’s and DALS accompany me everywhere summer takes me. In fact, as soon as I finish here, I’m off to make mayo for the very first time ever! Thanks for the good instructions. Happy weekending!

  2. Lee says

    Love the cookbook! The word ‘cookbook’ doesn’t seem to do it justice though. It’s so much more! Greetings from toasty Denver!!

  3. Jyll Brant says

    I AM A CHEESE MAKER!!! I found your blog, then I bought your book. I had to go immediately to the store and start cooking! Made the ricotta, granola and two loaves of bread. I may never leave the house again. As I write, I am having to keep my husband from cutting into the bread before it cools. Your book is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    • alana says

      YES! So happy to hear this, and excited about all the goings on in your kitchen! (If it is the white bread cooling in your kitchen, I hope that somehow news of the one typo got to you? Salt should be teaspoons, not tablespoons. I’ve been trying to spread the word in whatever way I can–hope I got it to you in time!) xo

  4. Laura says

    Oh, that Dash and Bella poem is good! Thanks!
    It seems food blogs are a small world, since I also follow 101 Cookbooks and am waiting for the shop to open.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

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