I’m doing my best to take a few days off from the kitchen so I can give some attention to this vast expanse of dirt (er, soil) that I have so ambitiously laid out for myself. It’s going well–I’ve got the potatoes in there, as well as radish seeds, white turnips, dill, rosemary, lupines for next year, and this green that I love so much but have never grown. My nails are dirty, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. And if you look really closely at that bed with the trench, you might just see the wee asparagus stalks that are bravely making their way into the world.

Beyond that, we’ve got a swirl of activity around here. This weekend, we threw a baby shower for Molly and Aurel which turned out to be a rager in a pretty good way. Everyone ran around in the grass, we drank champagne punch, and I made a cake that Molly could actually eat (she’s got more rules than most), an experimental goat yogurt cheesecake in a gluten-free crust that actually firmed up and tasted okay! We had our annual town meeting last night, and so today I have a political hangover from trying to argue with people that taxes can be beneficial. (If you’re not from small town New England and therefore unfamiliar with the concept of town meeting, it is exactly as wild and reality show-ish as you might imagine it to be.) And this weekend is our very first farmers’ market, so I’m gearing up for that, too.

Joey’s threatening a mix, and so we’ll have that up later in the week. And recipes too, of course. You know I can’t stay away too long. Anyone else getting seeds and plants in this week? Growing anything exciting you want to tell us about? I’ve got space left–and I’m (as always!) open to suggestion. xo



  1. Debbie Perkins says

    Hi Alana!

    I am really enjoying your writing. As a matter of fact, I’ve ordered your book; I should receive it on Saturday.

    I’ve had a vegetable garden for many years and have grown many things. I always want to experiment. That being said, even when experimenting, grow what you know you will eat and when you can, “grow up” (especially if you have a small garden). This weekend I planted kale, fennel, rainbow chard, broccoli, onion, lettuces, turnips, radish, beets and a new one for me, kohlrabi. I’ll use the kohlrabi in cole slaw and for adding crunch to leafy salads.

    Have fun getting your hands dirty!

    • alana says

      Thank you, Debbie! I hope you enjoy it when it comes 😉
      My favorite kohlabi trick is baked into fries. SO GOOD.

  2. says

    Well we just got a mint plant, and we’re attempting to grow tomato plants, but we have to do everything indoors, no yard/outdoor space. Any tips for indoor gardening?

  3. says

    Our spring was so early and mild this year (in Kansas) that my garden looks as lush as a rainforest! We are already picking loads of peas and the spinach is growing faster than I can cut it. The potatoes are starting to flower, which is so exciting because I haven’t had successful potatoes in years!

  4. says

    we planted this week, and realized at the end that we had only left a few square feet for an ambitious amount of squash. so I was out for awhile the other day reclaiming more land from the jungle around our garden to make room for the butternut and watermelon. we’re pretty new at this stuff, but enjoying it nonetheless

  5. says

    Nights are still in the 40’s down on the RI coast, so the tomtoes are still in the basement, under the lights. I’m thinking 2 more weeks…
    In the garden, the peas are going strong, along with lettuce, spinach, arugula, and radishes – first garden salad of the season is tonight!
    I’d say, “Stop by the bog, and have a look,” but after tomorrow’s post, I’m taking a week off…lots of spring chores piling up.

  6. says

    Oh wow – you live EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO LIVE. That’s it, I’m packing my things. You don’t need to make me a bed or anything – I’ll bring a sleeping bag and camp out on one of those hills. Forever.

  7. Hannah says

    Brussels sprouts! Peas! Strawberries! Artichokes! Melons! Squash! Tomatoes! Arugula! Chard! Sorrel! Lots of herbs. And dahlias. And lettuces. Carrots and radishes, though our carrots always seem to be runty and weird … and sadly not even tasty. But maybe this year will be better. I am tempted to try sweet potatoes, because we eat so many of them … so I might put some of those in this weekend. I am on the hunt for a particular type of culinary lavender called Melissa, but have been having a hard time tracking it down … We love our garden, even though I am pretty sure we’re not great gardeners. We have the benefit of a lot of space, a lot of sun, and an early spring (California weather) – and year round growing for lots of greens … so, we lack in skill, but do okay anyway.

    Happy digging … glad you’re getting some down time, sounds like it has been a whirlwind! We will look forward to Joey’s mix.

    • alana says

      Hannah, your garden sounds so full and lovely! I guess California and Massachusetts really are worlds apart…

  8. says

    Well, I’m headed out into the garden right now. I’m putting in my beans and carrotsad cabbage this evening and I’m really excited about trying my hand at eggplant this year….

  9. says

    We are harvesting artichokes and Swiss chard at the moment. Most of the tomato plants are in the ground, as well as peppers, a variety of hard squashes, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beans (for drying), and melons. I have a bed full of garlic that I will probably pull up at the end of the month, which leaves me about three more beds left to plant! I am seeing a bountiful summer ahead.

    Oh, I got your book and am ready to try out the granola (with some modifications). I, as well as my 4 year old daughter, am so excited to try it!


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