sunday night kitchen music

I have recipes to share, a salon challenge party to tell you about, a winner to pick (you have a whole day left to enter!) and all of that exciting stuff that the week ahead holds. But tonight, a bit of music to close up the weekend, and get us all started on the right foot for the week ahead. Tonight’s mix is a little different than usual- we’re doing videos tonight, like our own private video channel (minus lame reality tv and the songs we don’t feel like listening to). Rock out, and happy Sunday. xo

robyn- call your girlfriend

kimbra- settle down

new order- age of consent (using Marie Antoinette)

bachelorette- polarity party

the magnetic fields- it’s only time


  1. Hannah says

    *love* it’s only time!!!! a favorite. great mix :) have started watching my mail for your book – I know it shouldn’t technically be here yet, but there MIGHT be a chance! can’t wait. your sneak peaks are terrific.

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