while I was away

Yesterday, I found these videos on my computer. It seems that this was what Joey and the girls were up to when I was on my trip.

I wasn’t going to post them up here, but then I just watched them again.

Yes, I know, this is my family, and maybe I find them funnier than you do.
But I thought that you might need a laugh as much as I do tonight, and maybe, perhaps, just possibly, this might provide one for you.

Yup, they eat better when I’m around, but when Daddy’s in charge, life looks like this.

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5 Responses to while I was away

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is all kinds of awesome- i need that song, guys.

  2. Jonathan Catuccio says:

    soooo funny!!! made me super happy baby ba ba bo bo bobo

  3. Jonathan Catuccio says:

    Cea posted the last comment, and the last clip is unreal. If you ever have a cooking show/podcast Alana…that's how it would have to start.

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