Steamin' Mad

Yes I love food. And I love to cook. But feeding this family might just do me in. How does that work? There must be some way to continue to channel my adoration for food into the bellies of my family, but the schedules, the lunchboxes, the lovingly prepared food spat out by one child while the other meows under the table during dinner- I’m really losing it here. And I’m pretty sure all that they actually eat is cheese crackers.
I’ve got a lot of recipes that I’m all geared up to share, pictures of the compost palace Joey built this week and the flowering fruit trees. And don’t worry, it’s all coming. But no recipe today. Today I’m asking for help. I don’t care if it’s ideas I’ve heard before, but if anyone has any advice on feeding children and living life at the same time, I would be so thankful. Self-confident advice and recipe sharing me will be back tomorrow, hopefully.


  1. Anonymous says

    Oh Alana, I'm so sorry – I have no wise words of wisdom for you! That is not to say I haven't been there myself – I have! I just am not sure how I survived to tell the tale. Wine or mixed drinks probably had something to do with it.

    It is just a phase, your kids do love and appreciate you & you are a fantastic cook. Hang in there!

    Lori N

  2. vanessa says

    I am so glad to find your blog and discover that I am not the only one with an entire room dedicated to cook books, a freezer full of homemade baby food and chicken stock and a kitchen constantly in motion. I too am obsessed with food; cooking, preparing, growing and eating all things. My kids unfortunately don’t share my obsession, yet everyday I continue to try new things and hope that they will be loved and appreciated as much as I loved making them. On days like this I go for old favs. We are having red beans and rice with Kielbasa and sauteed spinach. Emmett loves the beans and rice, partner eats only the meat and I end up with most of the spinach, which is my favorite part anyway. Just sautee some anduille sausage, onion, celery and garlic together. add 1 cup tomato puree and 1 cup chicken stock, 1 or two cans red beans, depending on how much they like beans, plus a bit of Creole seasoning..basically black pepper, salt, cayenne, celery seed, paprika, oregano and thyme and a few roasted red peppers chopped. simmer a bit and mix with cooked rice…yum

  3. Liz says

    Hot dogs mixed with Kraft Mac and Cheese. Kidding! I didn’t know this blog was here, but I like it. Can’t wait to explore it more. Unfortunately, you’ll be leading me. All my advice at this point is “mix the pureed asparagus with the sweet potato.”

  4. Jen says

    Okay Alana. I'm gonna do it. First time ever posting on a blog – only because it's you and you are so amazing. And what you are doing is incredible! My advice to you…go down to the freezer and pull out some of that creamy tomato soup that was frozen from last year's garden. Compliment it with a grilled cheese sandwich (maybe with a little mustard or pesto) and watch the smiles come back on everyone's face.

    Seeking out old comfort foods made really well seem to be what saves me in times like this. Pesto Pasta, mac & cheese, grilled cheese & tomato soup or maybe pancakes with a delicious fruit syrup for dinner come to mind.

    You can dooooo iiiittttt!!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Hmmm…How about Baba Louie Tata!

    Wasn’t that essentially Sadie’s term for really good pizza, back in the day? You could fib a little and say you got the recipe from Baba Louie himself. (Think of it as not so much a lie as a nice story.) You could make your own crust, even let the girls help knead the dough if you feel like it, and sneak some veggies on there, disguised in the tomato sauce and cheese. As you can tell, when I’m feeling desperate I opt for subterfuge.

    But the important thing to remember is that you’re an awesome mom!

  6. Anonymous says

    i’m not a mom, as well you know, but one surefire way i calm my inner-kid (as well as my adult self) is through music. i just downloaded one of your ‘what’s cooking’ mixes from the site finally, and i can safely say my savage beast has been soothed. breathing works wonders too, but then so do you.

  7. alana says

    thanks dono- you know I’m always out to soothe your savage beast… glad the tunes are doing the trick.

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