Soup of the Week: Chicken Soup with Dumplings

So there are these nights when I have usually had the day to myself and things are going pretty well. I’ve gotten dinner out before everyone has turned into hungry monsters and usually there are candles. And my husband gets water for everyone and beams at me across the table. And these are the nights where the kids put the napkins out when I ask them to, and when they say (get ready for this) Thank you mom for this beautiful dinner. Yes, it’s rare, but these nights come around every so often. And usually they coincide with the presence of chicken soup and dumplings. Because if there is one thing that you can be sure of, it is that kids+dumplings=happy.

So I know that we’ve all got our chicken soup recipes, but I find that chicken soup is all too often missing dumplings, so here’s my very own chicken soup:




  1. Emily says

    I have a bit of turkey leftover from another dinner and made broth already, but I love the idea of turkey soup with dumplings. Would this recipe work with turkey as well?

  2. says

    Jamie once made a chicken soup with cayenne and ginger for flu and colds… I try to recreate it now and then. Iy would be fun to see a version on the website. Thanks for all your great recipes… so many favorites: roasted tomatoes, butternut squash soup, peach pit tea, perfect salmon, vegetable tart, and just ordered my cocoa nibs to try the new granola. I also just love your writing and storytelling. Thanks for a great site and cookbook!

    • alana says

      Thank you, Heidi! Yes- my mom does make a pretty wicked chicken soup- but so “a little of this and a little of that”. Will try to recreate for you, one of these days. xo

  3. Shea says

    Hi! Thanks for the great recipe. I just made it for my partner and I, delicious! I added a few dashes of tumeric to the broth – my mum’s trick for brightening up chicken soup. Will certainly make this one again :)


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