how we ate

So we drove to Miami. More specifically, we drove to Miami with a few very poorly packed suitcases, two kids determined to see their first palm tree, a fairly empty bank account, and a not-quite-yet house trained puppy. It was disorganized, not really thought out, and as all adult decisions go, probably irresponsible. That being…

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thank you

Hi. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about our road trip eating, but today I just wanted to thank you for your stories in the comments on my last post. The winner of Aimèe’s book is Nancy, who shared the love story of her parents.  If you haven’t taken a few minutes to read…

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If February is a grapefruit (pink and bursting through it’s dull rind), and March is a banana because what else is there? If April is a mango, hopeful, often rotten and disappointing but every so often so rich and bright, and May is just blossoms, promises of fruit. If June is a strawberry, soaked through…

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the map

Every so often I post a picture that includes the wall beyond our table and someone asks what is that? That, I say, is the map. And I always promise to tell the story of of the map, someday.