the game changer


Do  you need another gadget? Of course not! Do you need the Instant Pot? Well, let’s discuss. Before we go any further, I’m going to lay out a few terms. I call this thing the Instapot. Sadie, who is almost 13 and likes to point out when I’m incorrect, reminds me every time I say it…

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It might be the fact that I’ve got the Hamilton Broadway recording on repeat inside my head. I blame Joey and Rosie who started listening in December. It was strange, as Joey’s not a musical fan and Rosie doesn’t tend to hold on to things this tight, but but mid-December it was all Hamilton all the time with…

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as is


This year has begun in a rough place. Not deeply tumultuously rough from external circumstance, but itchy, uncomfortable, hard to pin down.  I’ve felt that way through the new year and this whole week, and somehow last night it seemed to break like a fever, just gently, but it was like that–just as when I would put a…

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