win win


Remember when I went to Denver last month and had to have my hair done? I remember, because my kids refer to it regularly. “You gonna do you’re hair up like a figure skater again, mom?” (No intended offense to figure skaters, of course. I quite like it! It’s just a lot fancier than my normal look,…

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heidi swanson’s radicchio salad


I was in New York for these past two days, and it did not quite woo me. My fault, I’m sure, as it’s no city’s responsibility to woo anyone. Book stuff went well, and I was glad to be there. But I’d come from home which has been so RED! YELLOW! ORANGE! and from a…

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from me to you

Book day

October 6, October 6, October 6. Here we are. Hello October 6! I’ve been holding this day for so long, and now it’s just a good average Tuesday. I’m home with a sick kid, and tonight Joey and I are going to see The Martian to celebrate. That’s what I requested. Because really, it is…

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this and that


Things are dissolving into wildness these days as I get ready for book events and travel, and it seems all my thoughts are coming in lists. So today, a list! I’m finding the idea of the kitchen uniform to be very helpful these days. I put on an apron, and then I’m kitchen me. I…

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butternut squash pasta with sage and brown butter


In two weeks, The Homemade Kitchen really truly lands. Can we take another  peek inside the book today? (I’m bursting!). As I talked about a bit in this post, each chapter of this new book is structured around a way  to reframe the way we relate to food. The essay below is from the chapter Do your best,…

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ginger lime plum sauce


Oh nonononono my plums are dropping and rotting and no matter how many I pick and eat and bake and shrub and throw to play fetch with the dog they are still dropping and rotting and deflating and creating palaces for yellow jackets. My yard is fermenting. Everyone comes to pick plums. Friends of my parents. Friends…

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