in the new year

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I want to tell you a little bit about Freida.

I’ve never had a dog, and I’ve never really wanted one. I like cats because they’re soft and beautiful and independent and smell faintly of hay.

But over the last few years, I started to change without even realizing it. I’d ask people on the street about their dogs. I’d say hello to the dogs at the farmers’ market, whereas before I’d just asked their owners to stop them from peeing on the market table sign. And sometimes, late at night, I’d lurk on, reading about different breeds.  Continue reading

christmas fruit


When I was 18, I spent Christmas with my aunt and uncle in San Francisco. I’d just dropped out of college after one semester, and a few days before the holiday I flew across the country with the intention of staying in their basement for a while. Eventually I’d end up working in few restaurants, wandering through the every inch of Golden Gate Park, and seeing a lot of movies by myself at the dollar theater. But first, there was Christmas.

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DSC_0313It’s time for the annual-ish gifty book list!

For those who love to have books on the shelf, and (despite this screen through which we’re communicating at present) I imagine most of us here fit in that category, there is usually a nice long holiday wish list of cookbooks that hit the stores like a title wave through the fall. I’ve seen so many good books this year, and I’ve cooked from a bunch of them, too. But I wanted to narrow it all down here for a tiny list, hand-tailored to those people in your life who might appreciate a good book. So here we have it: Six books for giving.

And on more thing– if you’re looking for a book for someone in particular and none of these recommendations speak to you, leave a little description of them in the comments, and I (and/ or one of you who might be reading along) will think of something. There’s a gifty book out there for everyone. I’m sure of it.

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in no particular order


I’m in a hotel, which always feels so other to me. I’m here because my friends Eilen and Jay are on tour for the first time since they had a baby, and I’ve coming along to hold sweet Mavis in all the green rooms of New England. So if you’re in one of the cities on the tour, and you see someone with a baby strapped to her pacing and up and down the sidewalk (also, bouncing in a “time to go to sleep” way), singing songs in gibberish, that would be me. Come say hello.

Also, of note.

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Lately, most of my instagram posts have been of my #compostcandids. There’s just something about these bowls of scraps that have inspired me lately. But there’s more too–chronicles of the girls’ baking, the occasional quick recipe, and whatever I see that I want to catch. It continues to be the place online where I post the most, so I just wanted to give a little update of the goings on over there.

I have to admit it’s also the platform where I really love looking through my feed. It can be hard to find people there, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite posters in case you want to take a peek.

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