what vacation looks like

If you could hear this picture, it would sound like Taylor Swift- LOUD.  I cannot get Rosie out of her nightgown, and work is slow-going. Joey’s home too, which means I drink beer at 3 and spend too much time making dinner. Then the girls are bored, so I offer to take them to the library if Rosie will get out of her nightgown. I cannot get Rosie out of her nightgown, and the cycle begins again. It must be vacation week!

A perfect time for mid-week reads. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Bryant Gumble? I’m baffled, and surprised, and adding him to my list of dream future dinner party guests. (I have to admit this is my favorite of the HIGHLY DRAMATIC series so far)

If her previous books are any indication, thinking this might be the book of my Spring.

Thanks to Cheryl, for sending this one along to me and the ladies.

I think it goes a lot deeper than this, but this is a start.

Another thing to make instead of working this week. I want to pour the honey.

Reflections on The Essay. (Also wonder what Montaigne would think to know that his art is in the hands of a bunch of high school seniors.)

A chef on home cooking (reminding me it’s been too long since my last salon challenge).

Print this and put it on the fridge.

I’m solidly in the brunette category, but all this talk of salt has me lusting.

And because no list is complete without a video you’ll be embarrassed to watch at work. (This is Joey’s contribution.)

The week isn’t even half over! Send me more links- I need them! And I’m not even at work, so I can watch all the silly videos you can throw at me.





  1. says

    I totally agree about the Deborah Madison book – I was dying for it after seeing a write-up in Cooking Light and the 101 Cookbooks post only revved me up some more!

  2. says

    True story: I was a camp counselor for Bryant Gumble’s daughter the summer after I graduated from high school. She was adorable. (She was probably 5.)

    That goat thing. Just wow. Please thank Joey but let him know I could only listen to 12 seconds of it. (Did it get any, you know, different?)

    • alana says

      Ha! I think there are two kinds of people: famous people, and those of us who were camp counselors to famous people. I was a camp counselor for Julia Stiles, so you know where I fit in.

      And I’ll pass along your thanks for the goats. It does not get any… different, but you can always have more of a good thing, right?

  3. ritu says

    Completely agree on the Bryant Gumbel Piglet decision (I forwarded that to my husband immediately after reading it). Funny, smart, and seems to know his way around a kitchen. And based on that one recipe, I am looking forward to perusing Deborah Madison’s new book as well. Also, thank you for the link to the Samin Nosrat piece.

  4. Jennifer says

    My son and I laughed so hard at the goat video…we played back the part with the goat spitting at that one guy a bunch of times. On another note, I went to amazon and bought the River Cottage cake cookbook after reading that post bout the honey cake. I can’t wait to try that recipe (and the one she posted a while ago for cardamom cake)!

    • alana says

      You know, I didn’t even know River Cottage had a cake book until I saw Megan’s post? They’re preserves book is a favorite of mine–now I’ve got the cake book on my list, too. I just want to live inside those books.

  5. says

    Hey! Did you steal into my hallway and snap a picture?

    Oh wait, my boys don’t wear nightgowns…

    Snow day today. No school. Me, well past noon: “Clothes! And I MEAN it!!”

    😉 So it goes.

    I’ve been dreaming of rose and pistachio biscotti, ya’ know, and it’s all your fault. next summer, saving rose petals…


    • alana says

      Ha! Just think, in hallways all over the country, the same kids in pjs, running up and down the hall. And I’m sorry about those biscotti, but now that you’ve put those blondies in my mind, we’re even. xo

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