thank you

Yes, yes- I’m taken with the turkey, but I had to slip away just for a moment to express my gratitude here, to you, but even more, for you. Thank you for all that you do.

Sending wishes to you all for a restful day, at least one happy walk, a full belly, and a holiday that is just right for you. Also, for pies that set, turkey that stays moist, picky kids who decide to eat brussels sprouts for the first time, and most of all, a sense of humor when it comes to the tense moments, in and out of the kitchen. Oh, and good gravy, which covers it all.

Happy day, friends.

Love, a




  1. Jennifer in BC says

    I hope the time with your family is warm and heartfilling. Just as are your stories, anecdotes, food and self.

    Happy Thanksgiving Alana.

    • alana says

      Thank you, Jennifer! I have to tell you–it was a pretty great day. I know it was just your average Thursday up there in BC, but I hope it was a wonderful day, too!

  2. says

    Hi, and Happy Thanksgiving. I wanted to write and tell you that your recipe for pie crust (from your book) was the basis of 2 well loved pies yesterday, even using a substitution of all whole wheat flour. I also made a variation of your cranberry maple tart that is absolutely delicious. I very much enjoy your blog and your book, and the honest with which you write is inspiring to me! I hope your holiday was lovely :)

    • alana says

      Oh, I ‘m so glad to hear it, Stevie! I hope you’re holiday was good, too (and you’re looking at a nice restful day of eating leftovers…)

  3. says

    Hope your day was wonderful, Alana!
    Now, on to the Next Holiday – beginning with ordering 2 of your books for gifts :)
    (Is it ok if I link the maple apple chips in my blog next week? They were a HUGE hit at the granddaughter’s preschool Feast!)

    • alana says

      Thank you, Marie! It was–and I hope yours was, too! And of course! Aren’t those apple chips wonderful? I’m due for another batch around here. And hooray for gift books! I feel very honored:)

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