Oh, happy Spring.

Every year, I make black bottom cupcakes with thoughts of my grandmother who made them on the first day of Spring for me when I was little. Today, I am writing about cooking and parenting instead of actually cooking and parenting, AND I am all out of cocoa powder, so the cupcakes will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day. This is my photo from last year’s post on day 1 of the new season. In the background there is snow, but today it is 80, the birds are singing Sondheim, and we’ve skipped into Summer. New Englander that I am, I feel that I should have had to suffer before I can enjoy all of this. Where are the blizzards? The frozen noses? The attempted snow igloos? But here we are, and the first day of Spring calls for black bottom cupcakes, whatever the weather, global warming be damned.

Happy Spring. I hope new and wonderful things are sprouting up around you. Now get your butt into the kitchen to make some cupcakes. You get started, and I’ll be there in a minute- I promise!




  1. Joey says

    I was just pondering whether to stay at school and get more work done or come home. Guess that’s settled.

  2. Cindy Rosenbaum says

    Alana, why don’t I remember these luscious sounding cupcakes! And you’re right, the first day of spring didn’t quite seem the same yesterday after such a warm winter, but I’ll take it anyway!

  3. Ali says

    First time making these, and made 14 – messy and overflowing! Hope that the crowd I’m seeing tonight appreciates them. 😉

    • alana says

      Oh dear! I don’t think I’ve ever had an overflow issue with these, but I’ll make sure to add a “fill level” for the cupcake tins to the recipe so that more can be added if necessary. Thanks so much for the note, and I hope the cupcakes are a hit.


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