cooking and talking without falling over

I’ve got something to show you!

Months ago I talked a little about a few videos I was working on with my friends Luke and Ethan over at SeeThink films. Remember those pop tarts that Rosie and I were rolling out over and over to see if we could get them perfect the first time? (The answer being, of course, no, but we knew that all along, right?) All three of our videos are out in the world now, but I wanted to show you this one in particular, first, because of the dance that Rosie does when we take those pop tarts (ahem, sorry- toaster pastries) out of the oven, and second, because I thought that homemade pop tarts might just be about the best holiday breakfast I can think of. I hope you like it!  And (cue professional, non-mumbling me voice) Hi, I’m Alana, and this is my kitchen…


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12 Responses to cooking and talking without falling over

  1. Liz says:

    Great job! You look fab. I’m glad they got that warm yellow lighting that comes in through your window. So magical :-)

  2. cea says:

    oh my gosh we are crying over here!! Ben has watched the video 4 times in a row and got really mad when i told him that we had to take a bath. The video is absolutely star quality and left us wanting more more more!! Congratulations! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Bearing says:

    Can you assemble them the night before and bake in the morning?

  4. Amarah says:

    yum! and I think I better not make those or I would eat them all right there! you are both cooking stars :)

  5. Lissa says:

    I feel like I was there! Fun!

  6. Anna says:

    Gorgeous video! Your kitchen and the pop tarts look amazing.

  7. Like the pop tarts, this video is all golden and lovely. You (& Rosie) rocked it!

  8. megan says:

    oh my god, you guys are amazing. and so… larger than life! is that joey, on video?! love it.

  9. Grandmother Cynthia Morton Hollingsworth says:

    I am really looking forward to reading your book, Alana . You, Joey and the girls and your mother are in my thoughts .I send you my love and best wishes for the joyful life you all are creating together – and sharing with your readers.

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